I usually have several sketchbooks on the go at once, being different sizes and shapes, for different topics and for various media. I also keep separate “ideas books”. One lives my handbag for on the go ideas. The other lives by the bed for those late night inspirations (no idea why, but my brain goes into idea overdrive just before I go to sleep and if I don’t write everything down there and then it’s gone by morning!).

As I am somewhat reluctant to remove pages from any of my books (to me they represent a cohesive story for future ideas) this makes it challenging to present sketchbooks in a form that anyone would understand but me, so I’ve taken a few photos of pages and curated them into what I hope reflects the “story” of particular pieces and ideas from this assignment.

Part One: Project 1 – Folding and crumpling



Part One: Project 4 – Embossing