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Assignment Four Artists- The Veteran Pri...

MMT Assignment 4 - Research - Artists - Veterans project

Whilst researching print artists I came upon the Veteran Print Project. Established by Yvette M Pino in 2013, the project records the experiences of veterans, expressed in print. A number of artists have worked on the project since its inception and each print is the artist’s response to dialogue with an invidual veteran. Each image […]

Assignment Four Artists – Giovanni Bened

MMT Assignment 4 - Monoprinting - Exercise Four - Working with stencils

No printmaking research would be complete without reference to Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione. Credited with being the inventor of the monotype, using the reductive technique whereby the plate is inked and rags, brushes, fingers or other implements are used to remove the ink and create the image. Unlike the other printers from whom I have drawn […]

Assignment Four Artists – Kim Major-Geor

Assignment Four Artists – Kim Major-George

Kim Major-George is a British printmaking artist. Her prints are inspired by myth and fantasy and also have elements of spirituality. Major-George’s work is of particular interest to me as she uses a wide range of additional media to enhance and embellish her prints. Foils, stitching, metallic threads and other materials give her work an […]

Assignment Four Artists – Imna Arroyo

MMT Assignment 4 - Research - Artists - Arroyo

Arroyo is a Puerto Rican artist, sculptor and printmaker. Arroyo describes her work being ‘devoted to exploring the connections between the African Continent and the Diaspora’…. ‘My artistic process has been informed by these journey and my research, aimed at reclaiming my spiritual and cultural heritage. Drawing extensively on the symbolism, language and traditions of […]