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Assignment Three Artists – Victoria Ferr

Assignment Three Artists – Victoria Ferrand-Scott

Victoria Ferrand-Scott is an artist who works in multiple media, including fine art, photography and video alongside sculpture. Ferrand-Scott works extensively with what most would regard as ordinary, mundane materials – concrete and other mouldable, pourable building compounds. These are transformed into extraordinary, fluid, tactile forms using latex and flexible fabric structures. It is this […]

Assignment Three Artists – Karine Jollet

Assignment Three Artists – Karine Jollet

Karine Jollet is a French sculptor. Working with old textiles, almost always in white, she uses clothes, bedsheets, handkerchieves and other materials that are closely connected with the person. These repurposed textiles are carefully and meticulously hand-stitched then stuffed with polyester to recreate aspects of the human form. This could be a dismembered body part […]

Research: Assignment Three – Air-drying

Research: Assignment Three – Air-drying doughs and clays

For moulding experiments I identified a number of moulding clays which I think could be used as both the material being cast and as the material to hold the impression. Commercial products included air-drying clay, polymer clay (Fimo), modroc. I also researched homemade dough options and found a selection of ‘playdough’ type recipes and salt […]

Research: Assignment Three – Mouldable f

Research: Assignment Three – Mouldable fabric

This was an interesting idea I stumbled on while researching powertex. It’s a means of using wax and oil to create a fabric that can be moulded whilst remaining soft and pliable. At the moment I’m not quite sure what I would do with this but it would be fun to try!

Research: Assignment Three – Kinetic San

Research: Assignment Three – Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand is a mix of 98% fine sand and 2% polydimethysiloxane (a silicone oil which sounds scary but is apparently used to reduce the froth in deep-fat frying and making jalapeno poppers!) so is considered non-toxic. Its advantages are its ability to be heated to high temperatures without any change and to retain […]