For Assignment Two we agreed that a Skype tutorial would be a good way for the tutor to provide feedback and for us to discuss my work and plans for the next assignment.

The tutorial was very helpful and it was particularly useful to be able to have a conversation rather than an exchange of emails as it was more natural and flowing.

At the link below is the tutor’s written summary of our discussion.

Deborah Tomkies ass. 2

My thoughts following the discussion are as follows:

Parts of the discussion I found particularly useful were the suggestions to incorporate techniques I have previously learned outside the OCA course parameters. For example, the grafting technique used in Assignment Two arises from my work as a knitwear designer. I was uncertain as to whether it was appropriate to bring other experience into my work and can now do so with greater confidence.

The discussion around scale was also useful. Due to the restrictions on posting pieces as well as the cost of making larger pieces, much of my work is carried out on a small scale. Whilst I am more in my comfort zone working on a relatively small scale I recognise that some pieces would benefit from being larger. It would give more scope for freer expression and bolder outcomes. The tutor suggested thinking on a larger scale and using the smaller pieces as working samples, or maquettes. Visualizing, sketching and describing how the pieces might be worked on a larger scale would be a way to illustrate that I have considered the potential for alternative re-workings of a piece.

The tutor also recommended providing comment in relation to each image so I have tried to include this, sometimes via captioning, at other times in the accompanying text. I have found using the text easier as captions quickly become wordy and take away from the impact of the image.

My sketchbook-phobia did not go unnoticed and I have recently signed up to a drawing class as suggested by the tutor. I have also used the youtube and vimeo suggestions to identify a number of good drawing, sketching and mixed media channels which I watch when travelling or waiting for appointments. I have also recently been given some inktense blocks and pastels so this will give me alternative media to work with.

I’ll continue to work on the areas identified and hopefully build these into future work as well as enhancing previous assignments as applicable.