For this sample I used an old plastic bowl which I covered in clingfilm to assist with removing the finished moulding. After cutting strips of waste lace fabric from an old curtain I applied the fabric to the mould using dilute PVA. To make the piece more interesting, I added Brusho to the PVA, varying the colour by starting with yellow, graduating through orange to red as I worked around the bowl.

Once completed, the bowl was allowed to dry completely before the mould was removed. At this point I had intended to remove the clingfilm, however, it had completely bonded to the fabric/PVA so decided to leave it in situ.

Overall, whilst this was an interesting piece to make, I think that any future sample may need additional layers of PVA as the sample was quite flimsy. Consideration of the clingfilm and whether there might be an alternative (or indeed whether clingfilm is necessary at all) that could be more readily removed. This sample and process would lend itself to stitching/manipulation and other techniques.