Using a wooden spoon as a starting point I completed the following wrapping samples using the straight wrapping technique:

Straight wrap with hand-dyed slubby wool yarn

Using the slubby wool adds texture which contrasts nicely with the simple wrapping technique. Variations in the yarn thickness mean that the body of the spoon peeps is visible in the thinner areas.

Straight wrap with twine

The natural colour of the coarse twine looks very harmonious against the darkened wood of the aged spoon.

Straight wrap with Nylon tights

The stretch of the tights meant that I could get good coverage of the spoon although it was difficult to get a truly straight wrap. I like the way the knit of the tights creates additional texture and a slight sheen.

Straight wrap with silk scarf

A fairly unremarkable sample. I’m not sure I’ve achieved much here!

Straight wrap with hand-dyed pure wool roving

The thickness of the roving and the tendency to add twist to the roving itself whilst winding around the spoon made this more of a technical straight wrap. The effect of the colour gradations in the roving is quite nice but the overall effect isn’t very exciting in my opinion.