The work of Hsiao-Chi Tsai is extraordinarily diverse, ranging from large-scale, sculptural textiles to couture, ready-to-wear accessories and jewellery. A Taiwanese-born artist, now working in London, her work is described as wearable sculpture. An examination of her millinery clearly demonstrates this.

With its use of different materials, from the traditional to the innovative, her hats and wearable accessories are a veritable explosion of colour, texture and shape. The Wonderland Collection incorporates innovative and dramatic wrapping, joining, colour and use of materials. It would be quite the bold, confident woman who might wear these pieces!

The folding, twisting and wrapping that is a signature of Tsai’s work is reminscent of paper quilling techniques and origami, albeit expressed in textiles. Tsai’s use of mirrors in her installation pieces (Wisteria, Corner Explosion) adds an extra dimension to her work, making them look infinite and without boundaries.