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Assignment Three Artists – Rachel Whiter

Ghost by Rachel Whiteread

Sculptor Rachel Whiteread was the first female to win the Turner Prize in 1993 for best young British artist. She also has the unique accolade of winning, in the same year, the K Foundation Art Award for worst British artist. Whiteread’s signature work involves large-scale casts of the interior space of objects, both everyday objects […]

Assignment Three Artists – Rebecca Fairl

Assignment Three Artists – Rebecca Fairley

It is perhaps too narrow a description to refer to Rebecca Fairley as a textile artist since her work incorporates, but also extends beyond, the traditional textile media and processes. Using textiles as a tool for surface design, Fairley imprints and embeds patterns into concrete and other non-textile substrates. This juxtaposition of the harsh, brutal […]

Assignment Three Artists – Victoria Ferr

Assignment Three Artists – Victoria Ferrand-Scott

Victoria Ferrand-Scott is an artist who works in multiple media, including fine art, photography and video alongside sculpture. Ferrand-Scott works extensively with what most would regard as ordinary, mundane materials – concrete and other mouldable, pourable building compounds. These are transformed into extraordinary, fluid, tactile forms using latex and flexible fabric structures. It is this […]

Assignment Two Artists – Hsiao-Chi Tsai

The work of Hsiao-Chi Tsai is extraordinarily diverse, ranging from large-scale, sculptural textiles to couture, ready-to-wear accessories and jewellery. A Taiwanese-born artist, now working in London, her work is described as wearable sculpture. An examination of her millinery clearly demonstrates this. With its use of different materials, from the traditional to the innovative, her hats […]

Assignment Two Artists – Hillary Waters

In stark contrast to my other chosen artists, Hillary Waters Fayle produces the most intricate, detailed work, combining leaves, seed pods and other natural materials with delicate stitch and embroidery. Hillary describes her work as follows: “By combining these organic objects with the rich traditions of needlecraft, I bind nature and the human touch. Both […]

Assignment Two Artists – John Bisbee

American artist John Bisbee produces fascinating, intricate sculptures using only forged and welded, hammered, bent and twisted nails. Despite the industrial construction methods and use of a traditionally hard, inflexible source material, Bisbee creates pieces that have amazing fluidity and sense of natural form. Welding is a powerful, strong join that allows the creation of […]