From the wrappings explored in this first part of this exercise and the fashion collections of Hsiao-Chi Tsai I went on to consider how “wrappings” in the form of our clothing and dress influences our perceptions of ourselves and each other; how we use clothes, jewellery etc. both consciously and unconsciously to identify with particular groups (cultural, religious, social, relating to our musical tastes or interests).

I also wanted to explore whether, when the physical characteristics are stripped away back to the bare skull, this changes what we see in those “wrappings” and the extent to which we make connections between clothing/dress and skin. Each sample uses the same two components, the skull and a simple piece of silk fabric. All that changes is the arrangement of the fabric, much as we might change our clothes/style of dress to make statements about who we are.

I have summed up this series of samples, posing the question “Do you see what I see?”

It is left to the viewer to interpret the samples but I would like to produce further series’ of samples using different fabrics, alternative colours, different parts of the body and ask viewers to record their reactions to the images. What would be the impact (if any) of adding body adornment such as piercings, tattoos or jewellery?