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Assignment Five – Stage 6 – Revised Fina

Assignment Five – Stage 6 – Revised Final Piece in Response to Tutor Feedback

Based on the tutor’s feedback, I revisited the felt ball samples with a view to extending these experiments further to produce a new set of final prototype/maquette samples. I used the same basic principles but tried a number of experimental approaches to produce a range of more exciting and innovative textures and surfaces. I worked […]

Assignment Five – Stage 6 – Prototype/ma

Assignment Five – Stage 6 – Prototype/maquette-making

For this final sample I pulled together the key elements I wanted to develop in the piece: I began with a selection of wool fibres, choosing colours from nature to reflect the concept of ancient carvings, hewn from the rough rock. Layering the colours of browns, golds, greens I hand-felted the fibres so that […]