Jug with bubble wrap and sequinned yarn

A reasonably pleasing structure but I’m not certain that the jug shape adds anything. The end result is quite pleasing viewed from the side where the sequins are visible (not very visible in the photograph but more so in real life) but it isn’t especially exciting.

Jug with gift wrap and twine

Again identity of the jug is almost entirely obscured by the giftwrap due to it being quite stiff. Adding the twine does, however, create interest and I quite like the simplicity of this shape.

Jug with brown paper and elastic bands

A very loosely wrapped sample using thick brown paper, fastened in just two places with elastic bands. Nothing to see here – literally! Looks rather more like a fattened pigeon or chicken and doesn’t really present any interesting interpretations for me.

Jug with nylon tights

This sample is an interesting combination of the visibility of the  underlying object and obscurity where the tights are more tightly and thickly wound. It would be interesting to repeat this technique with different coloured tights, dyeing them first (acid dyes should be suitable for this). The elasticity of the nylon makes it possible to give a good range of coverage, texture and shape and to explore hidden vs visible in the original object.

Jug with nylon tights and hand-dyed slubby yarn

I took the original tights sample further by adding a hand-dyed, textured slubby wool yarn over the top. Whilst I’m not convinced as to the combination of colours in this sample, it does present some ideas for good layering combinations.

Jug with silk scarf fabric and elastic bands

This is a rather unadventurous sample, one of my first attempts with the jug. It doesn’t really push the boundaries or develop the shapes and textures.

Jug with elastic bands and clingfilm

This sample flips the idea of wrap and wrapped on its head, first wrapping the jug in elastic bands, followed by wrapping in clingfilm. I like the way the elastic bands create pattern and texture whereas the clingfilm semi-obscures the jug, allowing it to remain tantalisingly partly visible. The interaction of the light reflections from the clingfilm and the ceramic of the jug highlight the texture and tactile nature of the sample.