Tutor feedback (from my notes of our skype discussion) (note: formative written feedback sent via GoogleDrive upload)

The tutor in her feedback identified a number of areas where my performance could be improved, specifically:

The research was good, however, I could get more value from taking a specific work and analysing it in more depth. She suggested enlarging images of one or two of the pieces of an artist’s work that I find exciting and look at use of colour, composition, shape, scale, materials and technique in more detail.

Innovation. The tutor felt that my final piece was, to quote her words, ‘beautifully crafted’, however, she felt I hadn’t pushed myself as far as she would have liked. She felt that I could have stretched my personal boundaries more. As a result of the focus on craftsmanship the work has lost some of the risk-taking, more innovative pieces. It was a little ‘safe’. She felt that, for example, the felt balls that I rejected as being of lower technical quality were more interesting as they were freer and more experimental. They were tactile and intriguing with an interesting link back to the themes of space, galaxies and planets that have been running through this module. She suggested returning to the balls, experimenting freely with these, focussing on the stronger, quirkier aspects of my work.

The tutor observed that there was a very wide range of colour throughout the module and this detracted somewhat from it in terms of a developing, evolving series; a more restrained palette would give the work a more cohesive feel. She recommended the Design Seeds website for further research in this area.

The tutor identified my  strengths as being:

A good range of explorative samples leading up to the final piece; attention to detail (beaded sample for example).

Right choice of materials. Lots of exploration of different media but throughout the module felt has come through as consistently successful and suited to my personal voice.

My review was very good – methodical and well-written.

My reflection was also strong with a continuous, logical flow and progression.

Technical quality of work was consistently good.

My reflection on the tutor feedback

Research: The comments with regard to research were informative and helpful. I had not considered the benefits of taking a much tighter approach to an artist’s work and can see how this would be beneficial. I’ll go back to some of my favourite artists and try this to see how it improves my analytical evaluation skills and leads into development of my own practice.

Innovation and cohesiveness of presentation: As a designer who normally delivers finished products it’s hard to re-educate my thinking to present something for viewing by someone else that is experimental and feels like it’s still developmental or ‘unfinished’! It is challenging for me to allow someone into the development process to let them see the evolution of an idea. It makes me feel strangely uncomfortable and quite vulnerable but is at the same time interesting and thought-provoking. I can see why this is appropriate in this context and it is quite a liberating concept. With this in mind, I shall make some more experimental pieces as suggested by the tutor, taking on board her observations about colour palette and creating a more cohesive body of samples as well.

Overall I feel that the tutor feedback is a good balance of ideas to push my work further whilst developing and maintaining the stronger aspects of my work. It has made me think carefully about my work and how to develop it, push the boundaries and take it to the next level.