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Project 1: Exercise 5 – Basic crumpling

Introduction This exercise uses crumpling paper to give it stretch and flexibility as well as creating added texture. i) Crumpling – Brown paper wrap For this exercise the nearest I could find to the paper suggested was a lightweight glossy brown paper. ii) Single rib – Brown paper Scrumpled paper with a single rib, rather […]

Project 5: Exercise 2 – Stitching

i) Stitching – Paper For this exercise I began with the scrapbook paper as used in the puncturing exercise. I made a series of lines and shapes using a fine knitting needle as this gave neat, tidy holes that I felt would produce good results. I chose a selection of threads to stitch with: Hand-dyed […]

Artists – Joana Vasconcelos

Valkyrie Azulejo - via

Paris-born, now Portugal-based crochet artist Joana Vasconcelos takes crochet to a whole new dimension! Far from the granny square and cutesy amigurumi, Vasconcelos works on a huge scale to incorporate crochet in her installations that are almost all-consuming in their size and drama. Having visited Vasconcelos’ exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery in 2014 I was […]

Sketchbook – Assignment One

Introduction I usually have several sketchbooks on the go at once, being different sizes and shapes, for different topics and for various media. I also keep separate “ideas books”. One lives my handbag for on the go ideas. The other lives by the bed for those late night inspirations (no idea why, but my brain […]

Artists – Architect and designer Raffael

Retina by Raffaello Galliotto - via DESCROLL design feeds

I have a keen interest in architecture. I find great inpsiration for design and textiles, in particular in older buildings designed in the Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Victorian styles (see my Pinterest board here for some examples). However, the work of designer and architect Raffaello Galiotto is extraordinary. Galiotto works in other materials but […]

Project 5: Exercise 1 – Puncturing

Introduction For this exercise I chose a selection of puncturing tools, knitting needles, fondue fork, craft punches, hole punch, bookbinding awl. I also used a range of techniques, varying the speed, angle, spacing and depth of piercing. I also considered both sides of the work to see which produced more attractive and interesting textures. i) […]