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Project 5: Exercise 2 – Stitching

i) Stitching – Paper For this exercise I began with the scrapbook paper as used in the puncturing exercise. I made a series of lines and shapes using a fine knitting needle as this gave neat, tidy holes that I felt would produce good results. I chose a selection of threads to stitch with: Hand-dyed […]

Project 5: Exercise 1 – Puncturing

Introduction For this exercise I chose a selection of puncturing tools, knitting needles, fondue fork, craft punches, hole punch, bookbinding awl. I also used a range of techniques, varying the speed, angle, spacing and depth of piercing. I also considered both sides of the work to see which produced more attractive and interesting textures. i) […]

Project 1: Exercise 3 – Knife and box pl

Introduction This exercise calls for the exploration of a different kind of pleats, box and knife pleats. Unlike accordion pleats, box pleats form “u”, “m” and “n” shapes when viewed from the end rather than the lopsided “V” shapes of the accordion pleat (I say lopsided because the sides of the “V” are unequal). Knife, […]

Project 1: Exercise 2 – Rotational accor

Introduction This exercise calls for developing texture based around rotational accordion pleats (akin to fan shapes). i) Working with A4 paper My first samples for this exercise were with A4 printer paper as previously in Exercise 1. Thoughts and conclusions The light and shade created by these folds is fascinating. The shapes remind me of […]