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Artists – Architect and designer Raffael

Retina by Raffaello Galliotto - via DESCROLL design feeds

I have a keen interest in architecture. I find great inpsiration for design and textiles, in particular in older buildings designed in the Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Victorian styles (see my Pinterest board here for some examples). However, the work of designer and architect Raffaello Galiotto is extraordinary. Galiotto works in other materials but […]

Project 5: Exercise 1 – Puncturing

Introduction For this exercise I chose a selection of puncturing tools, knitting needles, fondue fork, craft punches, hole punch, bookbinding awl. I also used a range of techniques, varying the speed, angle, spacing and depth of piercing. I also considered both sides of the work to see which produced more attractive and interesting textures. i) […]